Similarity_ZoomI presented at the „7th Summer Conference in Regional Science“ in Marburg, Germany (26.6.-28.6.2014). The presentation’s title was „Subsidization of joint R&D, related variety, and regional innovation performance“, which summarizes the work I’ve done together with Matthias Brachert (IWH Halle), Matthias Duschl, and Thomas Brenner (both Philipps University Marburg).


New presentation

New presentation: I participated at the conference „Dynamiken räumlicher Netzwerkstrukturen“ in Darmstadt on June 12. – 13. 2014. Given the conference’s topic on „dynamics of network structures“, I chose to present the paper „The characteristics of critical links in knowledge networks“, which is co-authored with Wladimir Müller.


New publication

New paper has been published: Tom Broekel, Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Martijn Burger, Frank van Oort (2014) Modeling knowledge networks in economic geography: a discussion of four methods. Annals of Regional Science, DOI:DOI: 10.1007/s00168-014-0616-2

Abstract: The importance of network structures for the transmission of knowledge and the diffusion of technological change has been recently emphasized in economic geography. Since network structures drive the innovative and economic performance of actors in regional contexts, it is crucial to explain how networks form and evolve over time and how they facilitate inter-organizational learning and knowledge transfer. Continue reading