Presentation on knowledge space


I gave a presentation of some new work (co-authored by Lars Mewes) at the 2nd ENIC workshop in Halle last week. The presentation’s title was „Exploring the industrial knowledge space – structures and evolutionary dynamics in German regions“. It was a great workshop organized by the Halle Institute for Economic Research, the University of Hohenheim, University of Kassel, and the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography in Hannover with many very interesting presentations. Hopefully, it will be repeated next year. Thanks all for contributing.


Presentation at ISS Jena

IMG_0848Back in Jena – I spend two days in the city I graduated in and got my PhD. It is always a lot of fun being there. Besides enjoying the city and meeting many old friends, I also presented the paper „The characteristics of critical links in knowledge networks” co-authored by Wladimir Müller at the 15th Schumpeter Conference. It was a great conference with many interesting and though-provoking presentations.


Presentation in Kassel


The series of presentations continued. Wednesday I was invited for a presentation in the „Volkswirtschaftliches Forschungskolloquium SS 2014“ at the Institute of Economics, University of Kassel, Germany. The topic of the 45 minutes presentation was „R&D policy and networks of subsidized R&D collaboration“.


New presentation

New presentation: I participated at the conference „Dynamiken räumlicher Netzwerkstrukturen“ in Darmstadt on June 12. – 13. 2014. Given the conference’s topic on „dynamics of network structures“, I chose to present the paper „The characteristics of critical links in knowledge networks“, which is co-authored with Wladimir Müller.