Technological Complexity

The World is getting more complex, or is it? How do we know? While we widely believe that “the world” has become more complex, showing this empirically is challenging.

Networks and Proximities

My research focuses on knowledge networks, i.e. networks with the objective of knowledge and information diffusing between individual actors, organisations, and regions.

Regional Innovation Performance

How can we measure the innovation performance of spatial units? What factors make regions vary in it? In my research I have sought to answer this question.

Innovation policy

While most of us agree that innovation is something to be supported, it is still largely unclear how this can be done in a proper way. The part of my research particularly seeks to inform (regional) policy makers on this matter.



Regional News

Regional News

News is a crucial source of information that influences our every day lives. In my research I explore how it differs between regions in terms of topics and sentiments.

About Tom

Tom Brökel is a Professor in Regional Innovation at the University of Stavanger Business School, Norway. He is also associated to the Center of Regional and Innovation Economics of the University of Bremen, Germany.

Tom’s research is focused on geography of innovation, knowledge networks, analysis of R&D policy, methods of social network analysis, regional innovation systems, and renewable energies, tourism.

Tom’s teaching encompasses courses on Innovation Studies, Economic Geography, Advanced Statistics, Social Network Analysis, and the Geography of Innovation.

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