New publication on clusters, R&D subsidies, and knowledge networks

My paper, „Another cluster premium: Innovation subsidies and R&D collaboration networks“, has been published in Research Policy. The paper is co-authored by Dirk Fornahl (University of Bremen) and Andrea Morrison (Utrecht University). It can be downloaded here.


This paper investigates the allocation of R&D subsidies with a focus on the granting success of firms located in clusters. On this basis it is evaluated whether firms in these clusters are differently embedded into networks of subsidized R&D collaboration than firms located elsewhere. The theoretical arguments are empirically tested using the example of the German biotechnology firms’ participation in the 6th EU-Framework Programmes and national R&D subsidization schemes in the early 2000s.

We show that clusters grant firms another premium to their location, as they are more likely to receive funds from the EU-Framework Programmes and hold more favorable positions in national knowledge networks based on subsidies for joint R&D.